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The Cosmic Code: Sixth Book of the Earth Chronicles

The Cosmic Code - The Cosmic Code: Sixth Book of the Earth Chronicles

Sixth Book of the Earth Chronicles

But what happened to the earth on earth before a great flood swept over the planet?

According to the book “The Cosmic Code: The Sixth Chronicle of the Earth” (“The Cosmic Code: Sixth Book of the Earth Chronicles”) by Zecharia Sitchin is a timeline of the history of our planet before and after the great flood as follows:


Previous events
Within 450,000 flights
The life of Nibiru, the remote planet in our solar system, is extinguished because the atmosphere on this planet is disturbed.
Lord Alal, deposed from the Anu throne, flees to the spacecraft and finds refuge on earth. He finds that there are gold deposits on this planet that can be used to protect the atmosphere in Nibiru.
Annunaki’s leadership, Enki, Annan’s son, lands on the earth and sets up Erid or the first earth station to exploit gold in the bay.
430 000
The earth is warming. There are other Anunnaki on earth, including Enki’s half-sister Ninhursag, chief physician.
When the amount of gold in the bay falls, Anu returns to the throne of Enl. They decide to acquire vital gold mining in South Africa. Enlil receives the Earth’s mission, Enki is sent to Africa. God’s grandson raises the claim to Anu’s faith as he leaves the earth.
400 000
Seven functional settlements in southern Mesopotamia include Sippar Spaceport, Nippur Mission Control Center and Shuruppak Mining Center.
The gold-bearing ore from Africa has been imported at sea, metal is free from pollution sent to the center Igigiů orbit where it regularly weighed spaceships on Nibiru.
380 000
Allaah’s grandson is trying to seize the government over the earth with the support of Igigi. The Enlilites win the War on Old Gods.
300 000
Anunnaki works in the mines. Enki and Ninhursag create genetic manipulation of monkeys by primitive workers who take over Anunnaki’s male work.
Enlil cuts down mines and takes primitive workers to Edina in Mesopotamia. As they breed, Homo Sapiens begin to multiply.
200 000
Meanwhile, the icy life on earth stagnates.
He Enlil when she realizes that Nibiru’s imminent approach to earth causes a huge flood, causes Anunnaki to swear to reveal the impending disaster of humanity.

The Cosmic Code: Sixth Book of the Earth Chronicles


11 000 BC
Enki breaks the oath and orders Ziusudro / Neoma to build a submarine. Flood is coming. Anunnaki follows a disaster from a spacecraft in orbit. Enlil agrees that tools and seeds will be distributed to the rest of humanity. The man begins to grow the highlands. Enki domesticates animals.
10 500 BC
There are three areas assigned to Noah’s descendants. Enlil’s first-born son, Ninurta, overthrows the valley and dries the rivers to make Mesopotamia habitable. Enki occupies the valley of the Nile.
The Sinai Peninsula retains Anunnaki as a postdiluvial spaceport. Mount Moriah (where Jerusalem will stand) has a control center.
9,780 BC
Ra / Marduk, the first-born son of Enki, shares the rule of Egypt between Osiris and Seth.
9,330 BC
Seth wonders and forces Osiris; takes over the government all over the Nile.
8,970 BC

The Enlilites proclaim the Second Pyramid War because they do not like Enki’s descendants to control all space installations. Winning Ninurta takes all the equipment out of the Great Pyramid.
Ninhursag, a half-sister of Enki and Enlil, convenes a peace conference. The original division of the earth is confirmed.
The government of Egypt is transferred from the Raoy / Marduk dynasty to the Thoth dynasty. As a reserve, Heliopolis is built.
8,500 BC
Anunnaki builds the gates for its space installations; one of them is Jericho.
7 400 BC
Peace remains, Anunnaki helps humanity’s progress. The Neolithic period begins. Egypt is ruled by demigods.
3 800 BC
In Sumer, where Anunnaki renovates the old cities (beginning with Eridu and Nippur), the civilizations of the cities are developed.
Anu visits the earth. In his honor, the new town of Uruk (Erech) is built. Anu Temple is home to her beloved grandson, Inanny / Lštar.

The Cosmic Code: Sixth Book of the Earth Chronicles

The Cosmic Code: Sixth Book of the Earth Chronicles 1

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